Free travel widgets for your website

You can use all our travel widgets for free. Simply paste the source code onto your site. Develop your website in a few seconds! API

Use the data from in your application.

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Information about your region for your website - for free!

Do you have your own website? Add useful information for visitors of your region.

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Affiliate programme

Promote TIXIK hotel compare engine and earn additional income from your website

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Map for your site

Create a map of your place and paste it onto your website. Add the route planner so that your clients can find you easily and quickly.

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Trip planner for your website

Make it easy for your clients to reach you. Route planner directly inside your web!

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Weather for your website

Free weather forecast for your website.

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How many visitors are online?

How many people are on your site right now?

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Free online dictionary of English synonyms

Put a word into search field and press OK.