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Pansion Zagi


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Pansion Zagi, stay in Krapinsko-Zagorska reviews, accommodation in Oroslavje 3 star3 star3 star

Milana Prpica 46, Oroslavje, 49243, Map


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Description: Locality - Europe, in the north of Croatia, tourist area Medvednica, 19 km / 12mi from the center of Krapina, 40 km / 25 mi of the capital city Zagreb, in the south of the Krapinsko-Zagorska, 16 km / 10mi from the border with Slovenia, Number of rooms: 48, Class: 3*

Pros: friendly staff (40), neat and clean rooms (4), nice building (2), good breakfast (2), perfect location (1), spacious rooms (1), excellent breakfast (1)

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GPS: 45.9922, 15.9175

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Pros, Cons, Nearest airport, Distance from the capital city

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Cons: low quality breakfast (1), bad restaurant

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