Google Maps monetization

Working example (population > 5.000)

Tixik is an online travel platform and a hotel search comparison engine. We run an affiliate programme, so everyone can earn interesting income through qualified traffic sent to our search pages. If you use Google Maps on your site, you can earn additional income by placing a few lines of code into your application.

Why try us?

  1. In just 1 minute, you can cover your map with 100 000 highly relevant links.
  2. We use Fusion tables for implementation, so there is no need to do any changes to your application and the site speed is not affected, either.
  3. We have great coverage, suitable for local sites, as well as for world-level sites using Google Maps.

How to start?

  1. Register into our affiliate programme.
  2. Paste the code below into the initialize() function of your maps implementation, using your affiliate ID.

a) set global variables :

var tableid = '1kv5NHIYQIc7hEzgbGpIiDRY_SrCDnlbzbOs0OFY'; // do not change this
var lang='en';  // language - en,es,de,ru,pl,cs,sk,hu
var aid=1;   // do not forget to use your affiliate ID; if you are registered, it is already changed

b) create a new layer inside the initialize() function:

var layer = new google.maps.FusionTablesLayer({ query: {select: 'name',from: tableid,where : 'id > 0'}, styles: [ {markerOptions: {iconName: "small_red"}}, {where : 'pop > 10000',markerOptions: {iconName: "small_red"}}, {where : 'pop > 100000',markerOptions: {iconName: "red"}} ] });

google.maps.event.addListener(layer, 'click', function(e) { 
var id= e.row['id'].value; 
var url=''+e.row['name'].value +'&placeid='+id +'&order=best&km=10&lng='+lang+'&aid='+aid;


  1. You can change marker icons to different ones in combination with population. Change ,,small_red" or ,,red" icons for one from Google iconset (available at Cities may appear on the map with different icons, based on the population.
  2. You can restrict displaying markers of cities with the population within a specific interval only. Just change where : 'id > 0' to where : 'pop > 100000' and only large cities will appear on the map

Working example with full coverage

View example :

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