FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the TIXIK Partner Program?
We offer an advanced tool able to compare prices for accommodation in hotels and accommodation facilities. We have had offers from 221 countries, which we are able to provide in  8 language versions, collaborating with most significant providers around the world. We have been greatly developing!  Our motto is “no obstacles  - no  annoying limitations for our Partners”.

Who can become our Partner?
Absolutely anybody interested in fair cooperation. Your earnings may come from operating your own website, from PPC campaigns, or from recommending our Partner Program to other people who may be interested, too.

What shall I pay for my participation in the Partner Program?
NOTHING. Our Partner Program is free and you can join us anytime. And we are not going to let you wait for approval. Why not to start right now?

How does the Partner Program work?
You will promote the accommodation portfolio, for example, by means of banners,  text links or search fields. Advanced partners are offered a data  API or  white label option. You earn a commission fee for every visitor who - because of you - visits our website through your link, and buys accommodation services from the website operated by our partner.

What is the second tier?
We want our Partner Program spreading quickly and easily so we want to compensate your effort when you recommend us. If - because of you - we gain a new partner, you get another 5% from every order of their activities, which is covered from our reserve.

How much can I earn?
Normally, we provide  65% out of our commission fee. Another  5% is added from the orders placed due to recommendations. We are able to adjust our commission system to very important partners. Thanks to the powerful collaboration within our partner community, we are able to reach the best bonuses in our providers, and we will share them with you. Your standard commission out of the total price of the order will be from  5 to  15%.

How can I calculate my earnings?
When registering for the Parner Program, a unique identification code is generated for you. It  will be incorporated in your links, banners or search fields. A customer who comes via your link or your recommendation will be recognised due to this unique identification. As soon as the transaction is completed and the accomodation services paid, you get your commision.

How will I get paid?
In the system, your can monitor the current state of your account and your orders, including the amount to be paid in the particular months. Once the accommodation services are drawn and the payment arrives to our account (mostly by the end of the month), we will pay out the  commissions you have earned (at the end of the month, too) provided that the amount to be paid has achived  20 euros (or more, of course). One should keep in mind that orders are often made ahead of time, within tourist seasons. Unpaid money will be automatically transferred to the following month.

Can I use the Partner Program within multiple websites?
You can paste your identification code to any website(s) We are able to identify orders arriving from websites  owned by somebody else if it was you who recommended us.  Our administration interface will offer you statistics, which may help you develop your strategies.

Do I need to link just to the hotel search pages?
No, you can link to any page on TIXIK domain, for example a link to the London travel guide (http://www.tixik.com/london-2354567.htm?aid=AID), or a map with trip planner (http://www.tixik.com/trip/plan/?id=2354567&aid=AID)#sw=51.489320099999986&ne=-0.0883377499999849&zoom=14&s_h=a&s_w=n&s_c=a . Just do not forget to link with your partner ID.

Do you require exclusive partnership?
No. We have already mentioned that our strategy is  “no obstacles - no  annoying  limitations   for our  partners”. We seek for solid and long-lasting  partnerships. We will be only happy if you collaborate with other partners, too.

How can I reach you?
Feel free to use our online form or send us an e-mail. We tend to minimise costs of adminstration and address most of enquiries through FAQ.

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